Maintenance and Help Desk

Maintenance is an essential part of any product life cycle. The organization is the key to an efficient maintenance program and using a help desk is a simple and reliable method to manage maintenance operations. MA service and help desk support from CU Solution System assist in the management of the complete life cycle of planned maintenance tasks. It also facilitates maintenance risk mitigation.

Support Process

Support Process will occur when go-live ready. Our customers are able to notify us regarding usability problems, 

questions about the use and updated program information 

Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure management is a method of monitoring and maintaining critical Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to ensure the best use of resources, protect against data loss, and monitor key aspects of local and cloud-based service utilization.

Cu Solution System provides the Infrastructure team is responsible for maintenance and backup of the systems that are at the core of an organization. We will back up data every day to prevent mistakes. 

Benefits of Backup

To prevent either deletion or loss 

of data both intentional and unintentional.

Recover old data because pushing to edit the current data and there is a problem or the unusable file wants to revert to the previous original.

Prevent the storage device from being damaged or stolen if the storage device is lost. We can use the data, that is backed up from another storage device instead.













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