65,000 Baht / Year

        CU ERP Mass ... 65,000 Baht / Year

        on Platform Odoo ERP Version 14

        • Online cloud

        • Free 2 users and can be added user with special price

        • Get full performance with company-specific Cloud servers

        • Video tutorial covering all features

        • Live chat support

        • Conference Meeting support

        • Support call on working day (Monday - Friday : 09.00am - 6.00pm)

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        Increase the efficiency of communication between organizations with online meeting conference.

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        • Chat messages through the system, both text messages and document attachments

        • Show notifications

        • Group discussion or document tracking

        • Show unread to make it easier to perform daily tasks

        • Connect meeting conference


        Sales management with salesperson on the team with timely recognition of information in the form of a view that is easy, convenient, and hassle-free to meet the needs of businesses in the New Normal

        Connect to meetings or create quotations easily by just one click

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        • Connect every lead from both marketing page and create it yourself

        • Easy-to-use pipe line

        • Create meetings online freely

        • Collect location information when going out of place

        • Import - export freely selected data by user

        • Easily create quotations

        • Pivot data in-pool with dashboard


        Creating a quotation is easy. You can immediately see whether the product are available with support online digital approve and customer sign

        With the creation of various activities and also to track the delivery of goods at any time, anywhere

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        • Create a quote with just a few clicks with perfect form

        • Approve system

        • View products on hand in real time

        • Multi UOM sells a variety of counting units

        • Create a quotation template

        • Send the link to the customer for approval. or respond to messages online

        • With digital signature

        • Convert to sale order with one click

        • Import - export freely selected data by user

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard showing sales data


        Comes with the website automatically ready to edit web pages, menus, styles  and create new pages with easy way

        And it also comes with a auto theme website and a blog to use for every user by drag and drop

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        • Edit website page with user just click

        • Support multiple languages

        • With theme, block and style

        • Tracking visitor

        • Manage SEO


        It is undeniable that at present The online world has a huge impact on our lives. Doing business must adapt to consumer behavior. Therefore, there are more and more merchants entering the world of E-Commerce (e-commerce). It is therefore important to study and learn about online business and marketing strategies for promoting products via the Internet

        To be able to sell products and beat many competitors

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        • Customize the product from the back end to display the e-commerce page

        • Set selling price independently

        • Able to design a display page

        • With blocks, easy to use and many different styles

        • Dashbaord


        Reduce the hassle of requesting products, requesting for picking or moving of various products to make it easier to organize various requesting systems to connect to the main application

        And to make it easier to understand, the system has a detailed tracking in the document

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        • Create a purchase requisition with a form and document tracking

        • Create goods request with a form and document tracking

        • Configure the method of picking to mapping process with accounting (GL)

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard


        Create a purchase order from the system both referring to the purchase requisition or open system document Or it will create various purchase points, whether it is a product or service

        You can also set up approvals as needed and generate product receipts automatically

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        • Pull PR to open PO with one click

        • Open purchase order PO with form and document tracking

        • Create a bill with just one click

        • Set the purchase price of the purchase agreement freely

        • Determine the pickup location according to the WAREHOUSE

        • Automatically generate product receipts

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard


        Unlimited warehouse management, creating data for both warehouses and location

        To be supporting the system to work through Barcode Scanners and Handheld with barcodes and QR codes

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        • Create unlimited warehouse and location archives

        • Create a product receipt, delivery note, automatic transfer note

        • Receive the product in full or in part with creating a back order

        • Independently define separate working boxes, such as receiving boxes, moving boxes, selling products. Loan boxes, etc.

        • Receive - send - move products with forms

        • Support barcode / QR code system

        • Able to print barcode / QR code stickers

        • Reports via screen


        As an application Suitable for the new generation of business people, easy to use, flexible to use and support for Thai Localize. Accountants can adjust the workflow freedom

        Viewing reports doesn't always have to be printed on paper because users can see reports of various impressions through the screen and  so easy for drill down to see original data

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        • AR / AP accounting system with accounting settings

        • To be setup access right

        • Show GL before POSTED

        • Set up property debt Ready to create an automatic property registration

        • More than 5 journals can be created

        • Receive - pay in a variety of ways with various functions

          • Full amount

          • Partial

          • Total invoice, free to set outstanding balance

          • Cheque management

        • Reports and forms

          • Invoice

          • Tax invoice

          • Receipt

          • Card / TB / GL / BS / Aging / P&L through the screen and export to excel

          •  Withholding tax

        • Dashboard to easy to understand, shows income and expenses

        • Dashboard of the balance of each Bank account

        • Analytic account to manage cost-revenue analysis


        Control the creation of various types of assets with a system can be automatically generate GL depreciation and specifying the possession of asset and location

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        • Setup asset type and set the property asset code

        • Auto register asset from Vendor Bill

        • Run depreciation automatically with reports

        • Create a manual property register with pictures

        • Tracking the acquisition of assets with history

        • Set the location of the property

        • You can group assets and components

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard


        Management of cheque inbound and outbound as well as manage different cheque status.  It also comes with printing cheque according to the cheque format of each bank

        With an easy-to-understand dashboard

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        • Dashboard showing status of cheque

        • Separate cheque of inbound - outbound

        • Multiple payments with one cheque

        • Print cheque form

        • Set up accounting according to your needs

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data


        Easy to claim bill for user to be reduced the burden of heavy accountant. Without expense application then we have advance and petty cash application

        3 apps (Expense, Advance and Petty Cash) for support Thai Localize

        Tour Video

        • Setup fund control

        • Record of expenses with attach bills in the system to support all file formats

        • Create bill record with form

        • Payment approval bill with form and auto pass to accounting

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard


        Project management to setup project duration, create tasks and  assign person with control task management included timesheet entry

        With display via gantt chart view with drag and drop and automatic update

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        • Create a project to manage the project

        • Estimate project costs and create project management tasks

        • Show project as Gantt chart Drag task auto update

        • Setup project estimated 

        • Enter working hours to issue a timesheet.

        • Create a check list and evaluate progress.

        • Setup person visibility of the project or project member

        • Send link for customers to approve online (digital signature)

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard to analyze revenue - cost - expenses


        Support for personnel management to be tracking timesheet 

        It can specify that employees work on a project or job with timer to support easy use

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        • Employee summary timesheet

        • Perfect view

        • Setup access right


        As a helper to support the work of employees to memorize the tasks that need to be done in each subject and to reduce forgetting to work in each activity

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        • Displays activity to remind of to-do

          • Show work that is over due

          • Show jobs that are today

          • Show work that is on due

        • Separate activities by apps for easy understanding

        • Show view calendar for easy understanding

        • Export data with just one click

        • Connect to the source of each document

        • You can set permissions to display information

        • Pivot data to independently analyze data

        • Dashboard

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