Fabien Pinckaers wins 'Manager of the Year 2020'
    Trends-Tendances Rewards Odoo CEO With Most Prestigious Accolade

    Odoo’s Founder and CEO, Fabien Pinckaers, has won the 2020  Trends-Tendances Manager of the Year award. At 41 years old, Pinckaers is the youngest to ever win the acclaimed honor.

    The 41-year-old entrepreneur was the clear choice to be the 36th Manager of the Year, mainly for creating a world-renowned multinational management software company from a simple student project he began while studying at UCLouvain. Pinckaers has redefined what it means to be an innovative and collaborative manager in today’s ever-changing world. His determination to take on major players in the ERP industry with a free, user-friendly management software has proven to be nothing but successful.

    Speaking on why Pinckaers won the 2020 Manager of the Year award, Trends-Tendances explained they admired and respected his, “ and his atypical approach to management.” Adding, “This discreet CEO, who likes to take risks to grow the company, leaves a lot of autonomy and responsibilities to his teams, [and] minimizes the hierarchical levels to facilitate responsiveness and keep talents in their right place, and feeds a real obsession for efficiency.”

    Members of the esteemed jury, who awarded Pinckaers with the honor, mentioned that, “By appointing Fabien Pinckaers, Trends-Tendances highlights a persevering manager who is not afraid of anything and whose company has become the banner of the new generation of French-speaking tech entrepreneurs.”

    With plans to recruit 1000 new employees worldwide in 2021, this award comes at an exciting time for Odoo. 500 new employees will be recruited in Belgium and another 500 across the international offices (U.S., Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Mexico). If you’re interested in Odoo’s culture and learning why Odoo’s CEO was chosen for Trends-Tendances Manager of the year 2020, then take a look at the vacancies here: 


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      Fabien Pinckaers, Founder

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