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Odoo Shopee Connector

Odoo Shopee Integration is nothing but providing a customized API and additional integrations between the eCommerce and ERP platforms for better business growth.A bidirectional synchronization will be processed and maintained within the Odoo Shopee Connector through which the data will be transferred between both Odoo and Shopee systems.

The following are the data synchronization processes required in Odoo Shopee Integration. 

Product details in the Shopee e-commerce website should be updated in the 
Odoo ERP system. i.e. if any changes are made in the product details, they should be updated 
in the backend Odoo ERP system.

Sale orders

Sale orders placed by the customers on the Shopee e-commerce website should be synchronized to the Odoo ERP system. Sale order details also include the data of customers and their orders even if it is canceled. Once the customer orders a product, it will be updated in the backend Odoo ERP system.

Transactions made in the Shopee online store and their respective details such as preferred payment gateway or other modes of the transaction should be synchronized in the Odoo ERP system. Further, individual transactions of a particular order such as logistics information, transaction, payment fee, etc., should be recorded individually. 

Product quantity present in their inventory (Here, the backend Odoo ERP system acts as the inventory warehouse) should be synchronized with the Shopee online store in order to comprehend both the customers and staff.

OdooLazada Connector

Integrating the Odoo ERP system with your Lazada eCommerce business is simple when we understand the underlying principles of this Odoo eCommerce integration. The following are the key elements of Odoo ERP integration with Lazada.

Lazada User credentials 

The first and foremost essential element is the Lazada credentials owned by the user in order to run their online business. To process with the Lazada Odoo Connector services, these Lazada user credentials are processed initially.


API Sandbox Account 
Once the Lazada user credentials are processed, the second most essential element to be considered is the API Sandbox Account creation. In order to create an API sandbox account, credentials such as online shop ID, username, password, and registered
 business email are processed. Using the obtained credentials, an API sandbox account is created from the user end.
 Later, the API account 
will be verified by the Lazada system.

Sensitive Data

As soon as the API sandbox account is created, the sensitive data of the customers are to be processed. In order to process the 
customer sensitive data, a strong security system has to be enriched between the two systems such as unique password,
encryption of data system, etc.


Odoo Lazada Connector

A bidirectional data transfer system has to be encrypted between the selected ERP system and the Lazada eCommerce platform. With the help of our pre-developed Odoo Lazada Connector module and based on the client’s unique business flow, a bidirectional data transfer system will be provided between the implemented Odoo ERP system and their online store in Lazada eCommerce.

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