Create automatic & targeted
marketing campaigns

Automate your workflows and scaleyour business.

Segment your prospects database to deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right time. Set up advanced marketing workflows that are centered around your prospects andnurture
them efficiently through your sales funnel.

Automate much more than just emails

Trigger any action you need to streamline your workflow.

Create end-to-end customer journeys and use workflows to automate tasks such as moving a lead forward in your sales funnel, assigning engaged prospects to your sales team, updating a record and more.

Use if/then actions to perform specific tasks after an email has been opened, clicked or replied.

An efficient lead management system

Enable an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers.
Lead Generation

Generate leads through your Odoo Website, Odoo Email Marketing and Odoo Events.

Lead Qualification

Within Odoo CRM, score your leads based on demographic & behavioral criteria and assign the hot ones to your sales teams.

Lead Nurturing

Segment your low quality leads according to their goals & interests and feed them through relevant lead nurturing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Made Easy

Design emails with just a few drag & drops.

Segment your database

For better open and click rates.
Optimize your results by sending your campaigns to targeted groups within your database. Select leads, customers, or any other group from your contacts list by country, by date, by function, and more, all designed to make sure you send your content only to the people you want to share your campaign with.

Works on any device

Be sure that your email newsletter is optimally displayed on every
screen - whether it is a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop
Our dynamic content will adapt automatically to your subscriber’s screen by adjusting spacing and optimizing images,

offering comfortable readability on any device.

Advanced features

Take full control of every aspect of your mailing campaigns.

Host events that resonate

with your audience.

An all-in-one event management platform, capable of handling events of any type or scale.

Odoo Events covers all aspects of an Event Planner's job from event organization and ticket sales to visibility and promotion.







Organize calendars & manage speakers

Easily coordinate your event content.

Add a presenter proposal form to your event page to allow visitors to submit talks and speaker nominations. Organize the validation process of every event or presentation and schedule them in minutes while also having a gantt view option.

Automatically display the agenda for your event with a clean and polished design directly on your website. Allow your visitors to easily search and browse through your published event schedule and quickly filter by date, location, tags, and speakers.