CU Solution System

    We are provided Odoo ERP for our customers, 
    who  reduce duplication  of work, reduce the duplication
    of various data and also   support the big data.

    "We trust   nothing is the best so we never stop developing"

    Who We Are ?

    CU Solution System was established in 2021, aiming for all sectors to implement Odoo ERP system within the organization, in order to reduce duplication of work, reduce the duplication of various data and also support the big data to be analyzed (bi) in a variety of perspective dimensions.

    In addition to the management of various information, focused on the development of various applications. Make it comfortable to use by adjusting the settings and modifying the program to make it easier to use (User’s Friendly).

    We are ready to create software innovation, to automate the system as much as possible because we believe “There is no best word, so we never stop developing.”

    Guidelines for doing business

    We look forward to steady business growth, both in terms of corporate management and customer service. We are ready to consult and provide the best service to our customers, including the development of the system to meet the customer's business optimally in each business. Support the change of eras and technology in various applications, whether cost reduction, reducing redundancy, increasing work efficiency, increasing the accuracy of real time data analysis, supporting online operations, supporting business growth and data security. For every service, we aim for customers to receive maximum efficiency and effectiveness ready to support future growth. 

    Why CU Solution System?

    We are official partner in Thailand,approved and certified by Odoo. We are received Certified Odoo version 13, Odoo version 14 and Odoo version 15. Our team had specialists in Odoo Community version and Enterprise version so can trust our team. Furthermore, we have consulting and design team for your business. We provide services implementation and support maintenance service  also make the most of the Odoo features if your business is so special we can provide customization service. We also provide cloud server you able to work anytime anywhere, daily backup data. Finally, we focus on giving our customers the best and most practical benefits.

    Odoo Certified Partner 

    Cu Solution System received Certified Odoo version 13, Odoo version 14, and Odoo version 15. Our certification indicates intention and guarantees to apperception Odoo knowledge. The purpose of the Odoo certification is to confirm that the candidate has acquired a sufficient level of knowledge to apply and tailor Odoo best practices in a given organization. A successful professional candidate should, with an appropriate approach, be able to implement Odoo to enterprise-wide initiatives.

    Our certification doesn’t represent only product knowledge, which presents the intent to develop the professional team. In order that the customers trust our team, who develop Odoo ERP system for our customer. We hope our customers are satisfied and help you grow up your business.